Miracle Man Method

Create astounding magic with our simple 6 week training course.

Miracle Man Method Gets Results Fast!

Save years and countless hours of frustration by following the 3M path. Love your magic more than ever before... in only 6 weeks!


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3M: A System That Works For Everyone

The 3M Method is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you how to master the secrets of amazement in record time. These are the secrets I teach my clients so they can take their magic to the next level. Fast.
-Aaron Fisher, Creator of the Miracle Man Method

Meet Your Instructor

The 3M Course is Your Complete System

  • The Ultimate Magic Training

    Over 30 hours of core 3M video training – with everything you need to build your own close-up magic machine quickly.

  • Master Material Built With Simplicity

    Over 30 Core 3M Alpha Class Effects, 18 Stacked Master Routines, and 6 Live Coaching Calls with Aaron keep you on track, growing and moving forward.

  • Triple Your Learning Curve

    Access Pre-Recorded Q&A’s featuring previous 3m Owners. Most of your questions are already answered, which speeds up YOUR learning by 300% or more!

  • 24/7 3M Members Only Online Group

    Private access to the elite ‘3M Members-Only’ online group, where you can meet other 3M owners and get your most urgent magic questions answered any time, day or night!

  • A Lifetime of Value

    As a 3M Owner, you get lifetime access to your 3M Member’s Portal – including lifetime access to all upgrades, bonuses and Video Coaching Calls!

Zero Risk - No Worries - All Fun

With our 60-day ‘free look’ policy, you have no financial risk!  You either grow by leaps & bounds - have the time of your life - or you get your money back.  No questions asked!

What Will The Miracle Man Method Do For Me?

Learn to Amaze - For Real 

This isn't just tricks! These are the fundamental secrets that you can't get from most books and DVD's. Your world-renowned teacher, Aaron Fisher, walks you step-by-step through the 3M System. With Aaron as your personal mentor, the next 6 weeks will be life-changing. You will never look at close-up magic the same way again.

Get Out of the 'Trick Trap' 

Stop wasting valuable time and money on the 'trick of the week' mentality! Armed with the 3M Method, you will achieve astounding results in just 6 weeks... and you will never get stuck in the 'trick trap' again.

Finally Move Your Magic Forward

If you're just starting out, the 3M Method will give you fundamental secrets that usually take 20 years to master.

Even if you've been in magic for years, Aaron Fisher will deliver a rush of adrenalin that will propel you forward... and you can finally achieve the magic you've been searching for your whole life! It's actually quite easy when you have the 3M Infrastructure fueling your desire.

Hundreds of magicians have experienced the 3M System. Professionals - all the way to beginners - have made the 3M Training System the most popular online magic training in the world!

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